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Treatment of root canals

Root canal treatment doesn’t have to hurt and it doesn’t have to be an unpleasant experience, which is often a surprise for our new clients. Reasons for treatment include inflammation of the pulp or inflammation of the bone, which can compromise the patient’s overall health.

Root canals are 0.15 mm in diameter, sometimes smaller, so we treat them under high magnification to achieve a reliable and long-lasting result. Unlike inflamed tooth pulp, inflamed bone does not need to be painful, but it still needs to be treated. Neglected bone inflammation leads to swelling of the surrounding tissues, e.g. face, neck, and can have other negative consequences. A common cause is poorly performed initial root canal treatments, which our clinic can also resolve.

Our experienced professionals will always do their best to protect even very complicated root canals and thus preserve your tooth. In exceptional cases, even the best methods will not save the tooth and the tooth must be replaced with an implant. Our experts will explain the most suitable treatment to you first and you can then decide in peace.

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